Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another one

Involved our family pet - Sonny dog, a large and quite stupid boxer who enjoyed the run of our house, that is until I opened my little brother's bedroom door one day to find him (Sonny, not my brother) feasting on a soiled nappy out of the bin. He looked guilty for a second, but then more pleased with himself and started shambling over wagging his tail, whereby I noticed that he had bits of nappy plastic stuck between his teeth - cue a swift exit. He had to live outside after that, which seemed to suit him as he spent the rest of his days rolling in the mucked out hay from the nearby stables and gorging himself on manure. Class.

Come to think of it, in his elderly years he was exiled to my dad's house where he used to lie in front of the gas fire and brew huge squeaking farts that stank the whole room out with the smell of fetid dog doings.

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